7/24 Vol 2.


Today, I made a spontaneous trip to the Armaggan Art & Design Gallery in Nuruosmaniye district. Armaggan can be one of my favourite spaces in the Old City of Istanbul. The whole Armaggan building consists of five sections including Jewelry, Textiles, Art Objects, Home Textiles and the Gallery. Situated on roof top, Nar Restaurant offers a wide range of historical Ottoman dishes to crown your visit. I unfortunately can’t share the photos of my lunch because the battery of my phone died – Yes, an iPhone user- but I’ve had fresh artichokes with wild green plums and horse beans, vines leaves wrapped with herbed rice and dried sour cheries and fillet of lamb served with aubergine sauce and rice.

Finally Turkish coffee on top of everything.

The actual purpose of this post is to let you know about the on going exhibition in the gallery. It’s called 7/24 Vol. 2 and the purpose of this exhibition is to question what happens when an art object acquires function and joins our daily life. Artists exhibiting in 7/24 have concucted a lot of research on where art stands in life and in which forms it faces us at the most unexpected moments. Here are my favourite pieces from the echibition.

And if you have time, the exhibition is available to the public until 16th of October.


Derya Ozparlak/ Girl with the Swing 2013

ImageEbru Susamcioglu/ Colorful Istanbul Bagels 2013


Ebru Susamcioglu/ The Boats 2013

ImageFront: Derya Ozparlak/ The Search II 2013 Middle: Gonul Nuhoglu/ Dradle Song 2009


Engin Beyaz/ Man Getting Lonely As He Gets Crowded 2013


While instagramming the other day, I came across to Savannah Bee Company.

I immediately fell in love the way Ted – the founder/ owner of SBC – describes his passion for bees and honey: “Until recently, it seemed more like Fate than a business plan. I never wanted to do this for the money because I never thought I could make any,” then adds, “and I didn’t want to adulterate my passion.” Today Savannah Bee operates three retail stores, bottles two distinct lines of world-class honeys, and manufactures a luxury beeswax-based body care line.

What caught my attention of course was how nice and the packaging was. Then I was amazed by the variety of honey other bee by-products. Have you people heard of Cheese Honey before? It’s supposed be paired with a wide range of fine cheeses.
Another option -one of my favourites as a tea freak-  is Tea Honey which serves as the perfect sweetener without overwhelming the tea’s delicate flavors and fragrance. There is even a type of honey, which is specifically used for griling and marinading meat!

So don’t you guys underestimate the power of bees and honey!


How cute huh?

I adored the Tea Lover’s Gift Set and Savannah Bee Cheese Lover’s Gift Set if anybody is willing to be kind enough to donate me one!


Acaia Honey has a more elegant and delicate packaging.


Gluten- free Palmetto Honey.


Winter White Honey, reminiscent of Christmas.

I also hear a lot about the Royal Jelly. Anybody knows why it is so popular these days? I’ve read that when worker bees decide to have a new queen bee, they feed all the larvae with this special substance whether they are destined to become drones, workers , or queens. After a while, the drone and worker larvae are no longer fed by royal jelly but the queen larvae are. Quite a product I guess!


Here is the Royal Jelly Body Butter. Looks like a high-end product in its package.

To cut the story short, loved the packaging and the products. Worth taking a look and definitely worth trying some products and perhaps letting me know how they turn out.

Ladies and Gents,

I’m proud to tell you that I’m back in the game! Can’t believe how long it has been since I posted something in here. Anyway.

Last week when I was in London, I payed like 5 visits every day to the department store Liberty. Yes people, I’m in love with Liberty, just can’t help it.

On my walk to the homeware section -always my favourite- I couldn’t pass without noticing these lovely ink drawings on ceramic tiles done by Rory Dobner. Rory is an exceptional tallent, known for his famous ink drawings, which are applied to a wide range of products from tiles to plates.


I always knew that the letter G would have the best drawing. Gnat with glasses has always been my favourite animal. Thanks Rory!


Octopus for O is just awesome.


The Skeleton is one of my favourites.


And of course the ampersand.

Each tile costs £39.50. Hurry up before they all get sold!

As a senior student, I realized more, how important it is to show your portfolio in an effective way. I have found this example of Greig Anderson and like it a lot! It’s a great example, how a graphic designer should show his/her portfolio in an exciting way.

Advertiser: Schwan Stabilo

Agency: RAPP


Allthough the card has very short shelf life, this card of Bombay Bakery won’t be forgotten. But you must memorize the number embossed on the biscuit before you eat it! 🙂 Congrats to the creative team of Dizzy Design.

Another brilliant idea from Saatchi & Saatchi Russia for Procter & Gamble‘s face care, body care and cosmetics manufacturer  Olay.